Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield

Many people in Fairfield, CT are facing financial difficulties and foreclosure battle with a variety of other debt problems and serious financial concerns. Without specialized professional assistance, these problems can act in combination to create a seemingly insurmountable financial disaster. Fortunately, mortgage problems and other debt problems can all be encompassed by the broad range of Chapter 13 relief. Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides protection for homeowners and other individuals through a coordinated procedure and plan for debt elimination, reduction or repayment.


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Saving Homes Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is the primary means for saving homes in default or foreclosure. It stops all foreclosures at any stage of the foreclosure process, and allows for repayment of the mortgage arrearage over a three-to-five year Plan of Reorganization. While focusing a family’s budget on foreclosure defense and home retention, Chapter 13 also eliminates or resolves all other forms of debts.

Chapter 13 prevents home loss without any permission or consent of your bank, servicer or mortgage company.

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Chapter 13 allows for comprehensive relief from all forms of debt. In the hands of specialized Chapter 13 counsel, the entire Chapter 13 process is extremely predictable and completely customized to your individual needs, income and expenses. It is a powerful court process created for individuals and homeowners seeking to preserve their assets and obtain a financial fresh start.

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The Chapter 13 Process

The key to our success under Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection is customized evaluation of your finances and documented preparation of a Plan of Reorganization that meets your specific needs:

Analysis and Evaluation: A prompt evaluation of all the circumstances of your case is the first step to finding the solutions that best fit your specific needs and goals.

Preparation of the Chapter 13 Plan: Preparing a proper Chapter 13 Plan long before any court submission of your case assures predictable results.

Filing Chapter 13: Following full preparation of your case and the thorough drafting of your Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization, the filing of a Chapter 13 proceeding creates an automatic stay on collections while protecting your assets and providing a three-to-five year plan for debt elimination, reduction or repayment.

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