Bridgeport Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

For Bridgeport residents still struggling with a variety of financial problems, Chapter 13 can provide the full protection necessary to solve all types of mortgage problems and pressing debt concerns. As small financial problems increase and spread to all areas of individual and family budgets, the advice and assistance of a qualified and experienced Connecticut Chapter 13 attorney can be an invaluable final step to overall, long-lasting financial recovery. Chapter 13 is the most comprehensive form of debt relief and mortgage assistance available to individuals and homeowners. Those laws created for your benefit, stop collection actions of any kind, preserve your assets and allow for the creation of a customized plan for your specific needs and financial reorganization.

Chapter 13 is the leading means for solving mortgage problems, saving homes and eliminating or restructuring all other forms of debt based upon the specifics of your particular financial problems and income restrictions.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand the needs and solutions for Bridgeport area homeowners and individuals struggling with seemingly overwhelming debt. We've successfully completed over 30 years of Chapter 13 solutions.

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Properly Created Chapter 13 Plans Assure Success

A Chapter 13 Plan is a detailed order directing the treatment of all types of debt, including elimination or reduction of your least important debts and repayment of the most important types of debt, like home mortgages and certain types of taxes over a three-to-five year Plan of Reorganization. All debts are specifically treated and outlined within the Plan drafted by experienced bankruptcy attorneys who specialize in creating the best plan possible under the differing facts of each household's needs and resources. Properly crafted Chapter 13 Plans are the key to long-term financial success.

Chapter 13 Controls All Categories of Debt Relief

Chapter 13 allows individuals to resolve debt obligations of any type. The Chapter 13 Plan specifies the treatment of all classes of debt in accordance with their importance to your financial future, including:

  • Overdue past mortgage payments
  • Elimination or reduction of credit card debt
  • Restructuring of real estate tax obligations
  • Elimination of older income taxes

Chapter 13 helps assure your success by properly prioritizing important debts for favorable repayment while eliminating unimportant debts like credit cards and unsecured obligations.

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