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Bristol families are facing record numbers of foreclosures by banks still unwilling to help hardworking Bristol families cope with high mortgages and a difficult economy. Despite a government bailout, banks continue to avoid any and all meaningful efforts to modify mortgages and avoid foreclosure. Procrastination, delay and excuses by banks means failure for homeowners.

Whether you are just keeping up with your mortgage payments or already in foreclosure, our services can save your home and provide you with the debt your family needs to succeed. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to review specific financial problems and all available legal options, including:

Bristol Mediation Attorneys

Don’t let bank excuses and bank attorneys prevent you from the chance to take advantage of mandatory mediation opportunities required in all Bristol foreclosures. Our mediation and foreclosure attorneys understand the need for prompt legal assistance and fully presented mediation to save your home from big bank delays and foreclosure attorneys seeking to take your home.

At the Bristol Foreclosure and Mediation Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that successful mediation requires knowledge and a commitment to overcoming bank delays and excuses. The facts are:

  • Delay threatens your chances for success
  • Banks don’t take the time, effort or interest needed to help you
  • Understand that you are being sued and the bank’s attorney is hired to take your home – Get legal assistance promptly
  • Saving unaccepted monthly mortgage payments is often the key to success
  • Be an author, be an advocate – Get informed advice immediately and learn how experienced legal counsel can lead to successful mortgage mediation

Bristol Foreclosure Rates and Mortgage Relief

There have been over two thousand foreclosures commenced in Bristol since 2007. Foreclosure rates in 2011 equaled the number of Bristol foreclosures in 2007. The second half of 2012 has seen an increase in foreclosures with an average of 30 new foreclosure actions in Bristol each month. More than fifty (50%) percent of the foreclosures over the past four years have been Bristol residences eligible for mandatory mediation through the State Court in New Britain.

With proper and prompt assistance, mandatory mediation is a homeowner’s best chance to save a home from being lost to a final foreclosure decree. Saving a home through experienced legal counsel in the mediation proceeding is essential to avoiding home loss due to failed modification attempts, delay, and missed mortgage payments.

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Bristol Home Prices and Foreclosure Rates

In combination with consistently high foreclosure rates, Bristol real estate sales rates have fallen drastically since a 2007 high of 1073 sales annually. The number of sales has decreased each year to a 2011 low of 457 sales at an average sale price in 2011 of $160,000. The overall decrease in sales was over 600 sales - more than the entire number of homes sold in all of 2011. The Bristol home sales rate decreased 57% in the five years between 2007 and 2011. Recent sales numbers have been much more encouraging, with sales averaging almost 60 per month. Unfortunately, this sales rate is still only twice the foreclosure rate in Bristol, with an average of 30 homes or more going into foreclosure each month.

Prices for Bristol homes have fallen from a high average of $197,000 in 2007 to a low of $160,000 in 2011. Statistics indicate that the price of a home in Bristol has fallen $37,000 or less than twenty (20%) percent over the five year period of 2011 – 2011. Recent late 2012 records show a continuing value of approximately $160,000 as the average sale price of a Bristol home in 2012.

Bristol Bankruptcy Courts and State Court Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Courts

If you live in Bristol and you need bankruptcy assistance, your case would be filed in the Hartford District of Federal Court, and your First Meeting of Creditors would be held in Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (Chapter 7 cases) and Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT, 06106 (Chapter 13 cases).

Foreclosure Courts

If you live in Bristol and have a lawsuit pending against you or a foreclosure on your Windsor property, you would appear in the New Britain court system located at 20 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT.

Town Clerk: Therese Pac, CCTC, MMC
111 North Main Street, Bristol, CT 06010 Phone: 860-584-6200

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The increase in Bristol foreclosures and number of homes already lost show that many Bristol homeowners aren’t getting the bank modifications and government assistance promised but not delivered. Families with financial hardships need the sound advice of experienced lawyers who know how to save homes and obtain debt relief. Our hardworking foreclosure and mediation attorneys and clients know how to succeed without the help of unmotivated banks and broken government promises.

Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure Relief Lawyers In Bristol

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