Bristol Offer in Compromise Relief from State and Federal Taxes

Compromise offers with the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services and the Internal Revenue Service allow taxpayers to negotiate or "settle" taxes for less than the full amount due. All offers require accurate disclosure and proper calculation of:

  • Available assets for recovery
  • Income available for future payments

An Offer-in-Compromise halts collection procedures and makes extraordinary relief available, but it is a slow and exacting process that requires the best possible preparation. Offers require proper calculations and rejected offers are rarely reversed.

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Options for Reducing State and Federal Taxes

Given the work and the stakes involved in submitting requests for tax settlement, it is essential that you understand all factors and options available:

  • Proper financial evaluation
  • Options for lump sum settlements
  • Short term payment options
  • Down-payment and deferred period payments

Be Careful: All unaccepted offers result in a lengthy delay that increases additional interest and extra charges.


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