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Many Connecticut residents struggle with unmanageable monthly debt payments without any relief in sight. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've helped thousands of Hartford County residents obtain much-needed help and long-term financial assistance through our dedication and experience with debt relief alternatives and bankruptcy options. At our local Rocky Hill office, you work directly with attorneys who have dedicated their careers to providing hard working middle class individuals and families with thorough legal work and solid long-term solutions.

Many Connecticut residents struggle in silence with truly unaffordable monthly bills without the knowledge or belief that solid options even exist.


At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, all solutions start with a thorough evaluation in a face-to-face meeting at no charge (free consultation). We'll take the time to completely understand your concerns, your budget and your goals at no charge.

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Full Chapter 7 Relief at the Law Offices of Neil Crane


Chapter 7 provides the fullest form of complete debt relief available, stopping all forms of collection and creditor activities through the implementation of an automatic stay on creditor activities against you or your assets. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will provide you full relief from:

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Lawsuit or Garnishment
  • Collection Actions
  • Older Tax Debt
  • Personal Loans or Payday Loans
  • Deficiency Judgments and many other forms of debt

Reducing, controlling or eliminating high interest unsecured debt is the key to a balanced monthly budget, a proper debt-to-income ratio, and long-term financial health.


Chapter 7 Stops Creditors While Preserving Assets


By removing the monthly budget strains caused by high interest unsecured debt, Chapter 7 frees you from credit card dependence and allows the redirection of income to far more important items, like mortgage payments, rent expenses, car expenses and regular monthly costs of living. Despite bank-driven rumors about losing assets in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding, a properly filed Chapter 7 is instead used to preserve assets, protect what you own and release you from what you owe. Chapter 7 protects your most important assets, including:

  • Personal household belongings
  • Bank accounts up to $12,000 per person
  • House equity of $75,000 per person
  • Automobiles
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension Assets
  • Future Paychecks and Income

Prompt Action to Protect Assets from Court Actions and Lawsuits

Our attorneys work quickly to handle collection actions and lawsuits by creditors. If you're facing repossessions legal actions or any other type of debt collection, Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be your best option. Properly handled by the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, bankruptcy will immediately protect your assets from loss to creditors and provide you a financial fresh start.


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