Danbury Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Many Danbury individuals and families with financial problems find that they are quickly overwhelmed by a myriad of different problems that at times can seem unsolvable. Fortunately, Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief stops all types of collection actions and empowers individuals with the ability to address and solve debt problems of every kind. All debt is subject to elimination or restructure on favorable terms under Chapter 13 without exception. Chapter 13 allows you and your attorney to stop all foreclosures and debt collection actions of any kind while protecting your assets and reorganizing your debt through the creation of a Chapter 13 Plan based on your specific problems and household income.

Chapter 13 was enacted by Congress to protect and empower individuals seeking to save their homes and solve their overall financial problems with court protection.

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At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been saving homes and financial futures with comprehensive Chapter 13 Plans of Reorganization for Danbury area residents since 1983.

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Chapter 13 Defined

Chapter 13 is a form of bankruptcy filing created to protect individuals seeking relief from overpowering banks, collectors or factory foreclosure attorneys seeking to take your home and pursue deficiency judgments against your personal assets. Chapter 13 protects all individuals with any source of household income. It is a plan of reorganization created by our experienced Danbury, CT Chapter 13 attorneys customized to fit your budget, your income and your specific expenses.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief provides an immediate automatic stay on foreclosure actions or collections while providing comprehensive debt elimination or reduction with a three-to-five year repayment plan for back due mortgage payments, and reduction or elimination of other forms of less important debts.

Key Steps in the Chapter 13 Process

The key to the successful creation and completion of a Chapter 13 reorganization is proper preparation of a plan based on our understanding of the law, your needs, your income and your expenses.

  • Early Analysis: A prompt evaluation of your entire financial picture allows our experienced attorneys to immediately discern and address the specifics of your problems and situation.
  • Proper Plan Creation: Preparing a customized Chapter 13 Plan for your debt, income and expenses assures court approval and long-term success.
  • Chapter 13 Filing and Plan Approval: Properly prepared plans and continuing communication with court personnel is the surest way to early confirmation approval of detailed Chapter 13 reorganization plans.

Chapter 13 does not require your presence in court, as our experienced attorneys handle all elements of court presentation and approval of your Chapter 13 Plan.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've had a continuing presence and long-term relationship with all the court officials and the Chapter 13 Trustee system since 1983. Our reputation for hard work, knowledge and commitment works to benefit all of our clients.

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