Connecticut Debt Settlement Options

If you are ready to get the debt relief you deserve, it is time to stop trying to keep up with unsecured debt and rising interest rates and start looking for real debt settlement options. Lenders are more willing to negotiate than you may think and if they will not work with you, we know the laws that protect you — the courts offer consumer protection as well.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our New Haven debt settlement professionals can help you explore your full range of options and get the debt relief you deserve. With over 25 years of experience dedicated to protecting Connecticut consumers, we know what you can do to get back on the road to financial stability.

Explore Your Debt Relief Options

There is not just one solution when it comes to getting debt relief. Before you take any action, make sure you talk to an experienced lawyer who can carefully design the plan that best fits your immediate needs and long-term financial goals. Taking the time to properly evaluate your financial concerns, we will put in the preparation to make sure your plan is customized for success, no matter what options you choose to pursue:

  • Debt consolidationOne possible first step is to talk to your bank or other lenders and try to negotiate a fair debt consolidation plan. If they are unwilling to reach a settlement that truly helps you, you need to get us involved to explore other options. We know the realities of debt negotiation and how to settle your bills for the lowest possible percentage. Good debt settlement requires knowledge, patience, and persistence. Collectors are immediately negotiable when we get involved. We know how to get to the correct parties and properly negotiate on your behalf. We know the rules and guidelines collectors use and how to make their system actually work for you. We know contract rules, collection protections, consumer laws and court procedures to settle your debt at a low percentage — with proper documentation and proper credit reporting.
  • Court optionsThere are laws protecting the rights of consumers and if your creditors will not work out a debt consolidation plan, we will not hesitate to use the courts to reach a solution.
  • BankruptcyThere is nothing your creditors can do to stop you from filing for bankruptcy. If this is an option that makes sense for you, it is worth considering.

Whatever you do to get immediate debt relief, it is only the first step. Our firm is committed to helping you prepare for a stronger financial future, and that means helping you rebuild your credit.

Creditors Start Negotiating Only When You Get a Lawyer Involved

Having helped thousands of Connecticut families ease the pain of consumer debt, we understand the options you have available and we are ready to help you find a plan that works. Call us at 888-249-3027 or contact us online at one of our five Connecticut locations to schedule a free initial consultation.