Fairfield Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

With the high cost of living and lower real estate values, many Fairfield, CT residents continue to struggle with high debt burdens and overwhelming monthly payments. Our Bridgeport office has provided legal solutions to financial problems for over three decades. If you are unable to solve your monthly debt problems despite all efforts and hard work, seek the advice of our committed debt relief and bankruptcy lawyers.


We provide our clients with thorough analysis and customized solutions based on your particular circumstances and the experience we’ve gained in helping Fairfield and Connecticut residents in over 10,000 successful cases.

Success and the Chapter 7 Process

The essence of good Chapter 7 legal practice is evaluation, preparation and follow-through. We guide our clients through the process based on our knowledge, hard work and commitment in a two-week to three-month process which includes the following steps:

  • A no cost initial consultation with an experienced attorney to evaluate and determine the best possible legal solution for your specific financial problem
  • Direct intervention and handling of all creditors dealings between our office and your creditors immediately upon retaining our office.
  • The gathering of full financial information necessary to analyze and qualify you for the best available Chapter 7 solution
  • Early preparation of your bankruptcy petition and attendant document requirements to provide the most comprehensive relief possible under your circumstances and the full requirements of the law
  • Filing your fully prepared bankruptcy petition and immediate enforcement of the automatic stay on all creditor and collection actions
  • Attendance and representation of your interest at a First Meeting of Creditors
  • Full availability with no-charge office consultations or phone conferences during and after the proper completion of your case

As the largest filer of Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Connecticut, we’ve successfully filed over 2,500 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases under the new bankruptcy law.

Chapter 7 Means Testing and Eligibility Bankruptcy Attorneys

The requirements for eligibility for Chapter 7 under the new Bankruptcy Code demand the best counsel and legal assistance available under the new law. Now more than ever, you need the experience and expertise we’ve gathered as the largest provider of Chapter 7 relief in Connecticut.

While the new Bankruptcy Code is more complicated, our experienced and educated counsel understand all of the nuances and criteria necessary to provide the fullest possible relief under the new law. The key to complete debt relief under Chapter 7 is good lawyering, hard work and full implementation of the means testing requirements for Chapter 7 eligibility. It takes work but your financial future is always worth the efforts.

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