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Connecticut Homeowners experience modification denials, foreclosure mediation delays and increased home loss to foreclosure.

The mortgage modification options and foreclosure mediation procedures provided by government programs, banks and their servicers have been universally reported as drastically unsuccessful. The Obama programs unveiled in early 2009 have failed to reduce foreclosures or provide relief for struggling homeowners. Banks get 100% of their bailout money and homeowners get less than 30% of their promised mortgage relief. Connecticut homeowners are denied relief over 70% of the time.

Most middle class Connecticut homeowners are beginning to realize that all the promises of relief from banks and the government are not providing the meaningful and prompt solutions necessary to help them. This means homeowners need to use xperienced legal counsel to fight for their financial future. Call the experienced mortgage solutions specialitsts at the Law Office of Neil Crane and learn more about:

  • Mortgage Modification
  • Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure mediation
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief

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Stop Foreclosure Effectively at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

We are Connecticut foreclosure attorneys who address the issues our clients are facing and confront their debt problems head on. You have options for solving mortgage problems, stopping foreclosrue and relieving yourself of unaffordable debt immediately.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, L.L.C., we have a thrity-year plus history of solutions for proven and effective legal representation. We'll explain all of your options thoroughly and help you pick the correct choice for your specific situation. Don't be mislead by the government, the banks, their uncaring servicers or the advice of people who don't have the experience or specialized knowledge to solve your financial problems.

We provide all legal options available, including:

  • Mortgage modification - We can help you with an effective plan to force banks and servicers to stop delaying and quickly get you back on track with new lower payments.
  • Mortgage/foreclosure mediation - If your lender has failed to properly negotiate a meaningful mortgage modification, state court mediation is mandatory in Connecticut during the initial phases of foreclosure. Successful mediation requires experienced and specialized foreclosure defense attorneys. Don't go it alone. Mediation delays and lack of your own legal counsel are the leading causes of home list in foreclosure.
  • Foreclosure defense - We offer smart defenses against predatory lending, misleading marketing practices and illegal foreclosure actions, coupled with a fully prepared plan to save your home and solve your financial problems on a long-term basis. Foreclosure defense without an alternative plan is just a lawsuit. Call us to learn more at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - This stops the foreclosure process immediately and allows you to discharge unsecured debt obligations, allowing you to make mortgage payments or negotiate a mortgage modification you can afford. Not all consumers automatically qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. Our experts know how to best obtain Chapter 7 relief for even "high income" families.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows homeowners to become current on their mortage loans and other debt through and affordable three- to five-year replayment plan, which also provides for the discarging of unsecured debits, an automatic stay to immediately stop foreclosure, stripping of a second mortgage and modified loan payments.

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Failed modification and failed foreclosure mediation are the largest cause of home loss in Connecticut. We can help you save your home through all the options and protections available. Call and speak directly with an attorney immediately at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, L.L.C.. We don't use voicemail.

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