Middletown Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

For Middletown residents struggling with numerous financial problems, Chapter 13 provides the broad range of protection necessary to solve mortgage problems and other pressing debt concerns. As small financial problems spread into other areas of individual and family budgets, the assistance of a specialized and experienced Connecticut Chapter 13 attorney can be an invaluable first step to real and permanent financial recovery. Chapter 13 provides the complete and comprehensive debt relief and mortgage assistance available to individuals and homeowners. The bankruptcy laws are created for your benefit and stop collection actions of any kind in any court. Chapter 13 bankruptcy preserves your assets and allows for the implementation of a plan customized for your specific needs and recovery.


At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are one of the leading providers of mortgage and foreclosure solutions. We have saved hundreds of homes using the mortgage protection provisions of Chapter 13 for home owners seeking relief from default or foreclosure.

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Key Steps in the Chapter 13 Process

  • Early Analysis: Through a full evaluation of your entire financial picture, our experienced lawyers discern and address the specifics of your financial problem.
  • Thorough Plan Creation: Creating a customized Chapter 13 Plan based on your debt, income and expenses requires the best possible legal counsel.
  • Filing and Plan Approval: Properly prepared plans and continuing communication with the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office assists in early court confirmation of your Chapter 13 reorganization plans.

Chapter 13 Provides Relief From All Categories of Debt

The broad scope of Chapter 13 protection allows individuals and their legal counsel to resolve debt obligations of any type. The creation of a Chapter 13 Plan specifies the treatment of all classes of debt in accordance with their impact on your financial future, including:

  • Overdue past mortgage payments of any amount
  • Elimination or reduction of credit card debt always without interest
  • Repayment plans for real estate taxes
  • Elimination of older state and federal income taxes
  • Repayment plans for all types of taxes on favorable terms

Chapter 13 Success at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 13 is a chapter of the bankruptcy law that provides relief to individuals facing foreclosure or any other form of collection at any stage for any type of debts:

  • Chapter 13 protects personal assets by eliminating or reducing unsecured debt.
  • Chapter 13 prioritizes the repayment of more important obligations over a three-to-five year plan, created by our experienced Chapter 13 attorneys.
  • All repayment plans are based upon the types of debt involved, the value of your assets and your unique monthly income and expenses.

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