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Homeowners in Middletown continue the battle to save their homes from foreclosure, bank delays, changing modification criteria, lost paperwork and a history of unsuccessful government programs which have combined to create record foreclosures and historic levels of lost Middletown homes. The statistics show that a huge number of homeowners in Middletown are immersed in a backlog of delayed "incomplete foreclosures." These "open foreclosures" create huge mortgage arrearages that threaten a homeowner's ability to save their family home.


Successful Mediation Demands Prompt and Experienced Legal Assistance

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand that delay by banks means failure for Middletown homeowners stuck in unresolved foreclosures. If you are stalled in a pending foreclosure or immersed in mediation delay, you need help from an experienced foreclosure relief attorney who knows the importance of the following to save your home:

  • Immediate mediation applications
  • Prompt mediation assistance
  • Well-documented mediation packets
  • Thorough court preparation
  • Aggressive legal advocacy

We use customized and immediate mediation proposals along with a full, well-developed plan for your household's debt relief requirements. Despite the constant delay of banks and changing governmental programs, we have continued to serve the financial needs of Middletown residents since 1983.

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True Solutions From The Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops mortgage defaults or foreclosure proceedings and allows homeowners to become current on their mortgage. Chapter 13 stops all types of creditors and prioritizes mortgage repayment while reducing or eliminating other types of debt like credit cards, unsecured debt or tax debt. This allows your family's monthly income to be saved for current mortgage payments with court protection.

Chapter 13 provides:

Through hard work and dedicated legal advice, we develop customized and comprehensive Chapter 13 solutions that banks and the government won't ever provide. The options offered by big government and banks are aimed at helping banks instead of helping homeowners.

We offer effective, well-developed solutions based on nearly 30 years of proven legal knowledge. Contact us today and speak with an experienced attorney by phone for prompt answers and a free legal consultation.

Middletown Foreclosure Increases and Real Estate Price Decreases

The number of Middletown foreclosures has remained high while sales have fallen for a record five years in a row. Contrary to many Connecticut towns which have experienced a leveling of home sales and values, the rate of home sales in Middletown has continued to fall steadily from a high of 841 sales in 2007 to a low of 304 sales in 2011.*

Somewhat steady Middletown home prices have also fallen consistently each year from an average of $215,000 in 2007 to an average of $184,000 in 2011 — a drop of $35,000 or approximately 16%.

Despite a slight upturn in 2011, more recent sales records show a continued decline in the price of Middletown single-family homes.

Middletown Bankruptcy Courts and State Court Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Courts

If you live in Middletown, filing for bankruptcy assistance would be done in the New Haven District of Federal Court, and your First Meeting of Creditors would be held in the following location for either a Chapter 7 case or Chapter 13 case.

157 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510

Foreclosure Courts

If you live in Middletown and have a lawsuit pending against you or a foreclosure on your Middletown property, you would appear in the Middlesex court system located at:

One Court Street, Middletown, CT 06457

Town Clerk: Sandra Russo-Driska

245 DeKoven Drive, Middletown, CT 06457

Phone: 860-344-3459

Middletown Real Estate Market Statistics Through December 2016:

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 5 Year Change
No. of Sales 401 416 463 524 572 (+42.6%)
Median Price 165.5k 185k 185k 169.45k 170K (+2.7%)
Foreclosures 282 289 231 214 257 (-8.9%)

Middletown Lost Homes due to Foreclosure Statistics through December 2016:

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 5 Year Change
Homes Lost
(Forecl. Sale)
31 28 29 16 32 (+3.2%)
Homes Lost
(Strict Forecl.)
1 1 4 1 66 (+6500%)


Real Solutions at The Law Offices of Neil Crane Since 1983

The increase in Middletown foreclosures and the large backlog of unresolved foreclosure cases still pending have left many Middletown homeowners at risk for losing their homes. These families need prompt and experienced attorneys who know how to use all the legal options available to create successful plans for debt relief and long-term home ownership. Our hardworking lawyers and clients continue to succeed despite slow banks and ineffective government programs.

Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure Attorneys in Middletown

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

*Source: The Warren Group – Boston, MA – www.thewarrengroup.com