New Britain, Ct Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Many New Britain, CT residents continue to struggle with overwhelming unsecured debt and reduced home values. With flattened income rates and increasing monthly debt obligations, individuals and families can quickly find themselves in increasing financial difficulties that seem to be impossible to solve. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been providing legal solutions to financial problems for our New Britain and Hartford County clients for over 30 years.


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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 7 is a federal court procedure for protection of individual assets and relief from excessive unsecured debt.

Preparation: The critical first phase of good bankruptcy practice is the individualized and prompt evaluation of pressing financial concerns and the choice of appropriate legal alternatives. This includes preparation of complete back-up documentation as required by Chapter 7's extensive laws and procedures.

Filing: After all documentation and pre-filing considerations are complete, specialized counsel files appropriate court pleadings to provide for an automatic stay or stoppage on all collections or legal actions wherever located. Filing provides relief from unsecured obligations, including credit cards, personal loans, mortgage deficiencies, and other unsecured debt through the granting of a Chapter 7 Discharge.

Meticulously prepared and filed Chapter 7 cases come out predictably perfect without exception and without any court appearance. All cases require an in-office first meeting of creditors, which is respectfully conducted in under 15 minutes.

Chapter 7 Discharge/Elimination of Debt

The goal of a properly filed Chapter 7 petition is the extinguishment of debt also known as a court ordered Chapter 7 Discharge. This is a legally binding document that permanently eliminates all qualifying debt while protecting assets and all future income.

While all secured and unsecured debt is discharged personally, secured debts can continue to be paid at the discretion of the filing party. This means that home loans and car loans continue unaffected by the Chapter 7 Discharge unless the petitioner wishes to cease payments and relinquish cars or homes that remain unaffordable. This secured debt options remains open to all Chapter 7 petitioners permanently as future protection from unreasonably burdensome secured obligations.

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