Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Debt Relief And Asset Protection In New Britain, CT

Chapter 7 is a court process which allows for the permanent elimination of high interest, unsecured debt while protecting essential assets necessary to a financial fresh start. Chapter 7 is a predictable and respectful process intended to allow individuals and families overwhelmed by monthly debt obligations to retain personal assets and obtain a new and lasting financial future based on affordable expenses and regular monthly income. Experienced and specialized counsel can provide you a full range of debt relief through the proper preparation and filing of a Chapter 7 petition.


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Chapter 7 Unsecured Debt Relief

The worst form of debt is unsecured debt since it has the highest interest rates, the highest monthly payment and the worst repayment schedule of any form of debt. This includes credit card debt, personal loans, payday loans and other forms of signature loans. Unsecured debt performs no function to your family and diverts resources from more important and useful obligations like mortgages, rent, cars and other regular monthly living costs. Chapter 7 provides a full range of unsecured debt relief including elimination of:

  • Credit card obligations
  • Personal unsecured loans
  • Payday loans
  • Garnishments
  • Judgments
  • Mortgage deficiencies
  • Medical bills

Personal property tax obligations over a year old are often dischargeable under Chapter 7 bankruptcy

State and Federal Income Tax obligations properly filed and over three years old can be completely eliminated in a Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 Exemptions

The ability to retain and protect personal assets is an essential element of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The authors of the Bankruptcy Code understood that protecting assets that assist families' financial rebuilding was a necessary component for prompt recovery. These rules of protection assure that debt relief still allows for retention of important assets as "exemptions."

The exemptions section of the Bankruptcy Code allows, among others, for protection of:

- Up to $12,000+ in cash or any "wildcard" items per person

- Automobiles

- Home equity up to $75,000 per person

- Household goods up to $8,000 per person

- Cash value life insurance

- Pensions, 401K, profit sharing and others

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy system allows and protects all of the basic belongings needed to assure and expedite financial recovery and the Chapter 7 fresh start.

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