New Britain Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

While government programs have partially addressed mortgage abuses for homeowners, many New Britain families still struggle with mortgage problems and a full range of other serious debt concerns. Many people face a daily battle to keep afloat and can often become overwhelmed by high payments, phone calls, collection actions and other problems that can only be properly addressed through legal and court assistance. Fortunately, Chapter 13 allows individuals with any form of income to stop all monthly bills and collection actions in favor of an overall affordable repayment plan that addresses all bills in accordance with their importance to you and your family.


Chapter 13 is often the best method for solving mortgage problems, saving homes from foreclosure and eliminating or reducing other less important bills (like credit card and other high interest revolving debt) all based on your individual household budget.

New Britain Chapter 13 Lawyers

Chapter 13 is a powerful but somewhat complicated set of rights and rules for the elimination and alteration of debt. Proper Chapter 13 practice requires a full understanding of all the nuances, guidelines and unwritten rules for successful Chapter 13 reorganizations. Creating the best possible Chapter 13 is critical to your success. This requires the best possible legal counsel to assure you are obtaining the fullest debt reduction possible and a plan that matches your pay to your reduced bills. Your financial future demands the best possible Chapter 13 attorney.

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The Chapter 13 Process

The essence of expert Chapter 13 counsel is knowledge of the law and the commitment to perfect evaluation and preparation of each individual's needs and goals. The Chapter 13 process includes a number of basic stages:

Plan Formulation: Thorough evaluation to determine a match between priority/important debts and customized individual budgets before filing.

Filing: This is the court submission of a properly prepared Chapter 13 petition and the best Chapter 13 plan possible.

Confirmation: This is the official name for a successfully completed Chapter 13 filing which provides a binding, federal court order approving the Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization.

At the New Britain Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've confirmed hundreds of Hartford area Chapter 13 cases with the best results possible for our clients achieved through our extensive knowledge and experience. We've created and confirmed successful Chapter 13 Plans throughout Connecticut since 1983.

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