Norwalk Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Norwalk, CT Families and individuals with financial problems often face a multitude of different problems that can compound and reach a point that overwhelms many people who have never faced or resolved serious financial problems. Bad results can quickly happen to good hardworking people. For those people seeing a financial fresh start, Chapter 13 can be a source of empowerment and solutions to even the most complicated debt problems. Chapter 13 is a federal legal protection enacted by Congress to solve the financial needs of individuals and homeowners seeking to protect their assets and work their way back to financial success.


At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve provided successful Chapter 13 protection to our Norwalk and Fairfield County clients from our Bridgeport court-convenient offices for over three decades.

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The Full Scope of Chapter 13 Debt Relief

Chapter 13 has the broadest range of powers and the most comprehensive terms of any bankruptcy chapter. The power to eliminate, reduce and otherwise alter all types of debt on terms more favorable to individuals in need extend to every type of personal debt possible.

Chapter 13 allows homeowners to legally eliminate or alter the terms of all personal debt, including:

  • Mortgage payments and foreclosures
  • Credit card and unsecured debt
  • Real estate tax bills
  • Personal income taxes
  • Lien and mortgage removal

Chapter 13 puts an automatic stay or stop on all collection actions or lawsuits of any kind for the collection of any type of debt and provides for elimination of unsecured debt and repayment of priority debt over a three-to-five year period.

Succeeding in the Chapter 13 process

  • The proper procedure for succeeding in the Chapter 13 process focuses on exacting preparation, full documentation of income and expenses, and the formulation of the correct Chapter 13 plan based on attorney experience and the specifics of each case.
  • Successful Chapter 13 cases are all made or created through prompt attorney preparation and plan formulation long before any papers or pleadings are filed with the Court.
  • Successful plans are made in our office by prioritizing important debts and reducing or eliminating unimportant debts through a carefully crafted Chapter 13 plan.
  • All successful plans happen in the preparation phase long before filing by creating a plan that focuses individual income and resources to the most important obligations customized to each person’s exact monthly income and expenses.

The key to the process is our preparation and presentation based on thousands of successful Chapter 13 reorganizations over a 30 year history.

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