Protection from Tax Liens and Tax Levies in Bristol, CT

All taxing authorities have the statutory power to use liens and levies to enforce payment on unfiled and/or unpaid taxes. This allows them to create secured claims for overdue taxes, and attach property of the taxpayer as security to assure payment of overdue or unpaid tax obligations.

  • Federal Tax Liens are established and regulated by the Internal Revenue Code;
  • State Tax Liens are established and determined by State Statute
  • Town Tax Liens are provided for and determined by Connecticut State Statute

To avoid tax liens or protect property already liened, taxpayers need the assistance of qualified and experienced tax professionals who know how to approach the applicable taxing authorities with a suitable and well-founded alternative to liens or levy enforcement.

To learn how to protect yourself from the placement or enforcement of tax liens, contact the Law Offices of Neil Crane for a free examination of your tax problems. A simple phone call to either 203-230-2233 or toll free 1-888-249-3027 will put you in touch with one of our experienced Bristol tax debt attorneys.


There are various methods for avoiding the placement of liens, handling existing liens and removing liens already placed against taxpayer assets. All circumstances require a well-developed plan that will be viewed by revenue collectors as an acceptable alternative to their lien enforcement powers.

Periodic Payment Arrangements allows taxpayers to make installment arrangements on overdue taxes as an alternative to lien enforcement. By keeping compliant on current tax bills, past tax bills become eligible for repayment over time based primarily on an analysis of income available for resolving past balances.

Negotiated Settlements can work to avoid the placement of State or Federal tax liens or prevent enforcement of existing liens through garnishments or asset seizures. In either case, the settlement offer must be appropriate and reasonable, given the full facts of each individual tax circumstance.

Bankruptcy Alternatives The filing of any Chapter of personal or business bankruptcy stops the placement or enforcement of all local, State or Federal tax liens and can provide for lien removal options.


To learn how to prevent tax liens, tax lien enforcement and your options for removal of tax liens, contact the Law Offices of Neil Crane. We've been helping Bristol overdue taxpayers and families in financial trouble since 1983. Call for your free consultation at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.