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With the escalating cost of living and low real estate values, many Fairfield County residents continue to struggle with high interest debt burdens and overwhelming monthly payments. Our local office has provided Shelton residents with legal solutions to financial problems since 1983. If you are unable to solve your monthly debt problems despite all of your efforts and hard work, take the time to seek the professional and experienced advice of our committed debt relief and bankruptcy lawyers.


Many Connecticut residents struggle in silence with unaffordable monthly bills, never even understanding that solid professional assistance and options are available.


Even the worst of circumstances can be stopped through a bankruptcy automatic stay. This assures the immediate cessation of all pending legal actions and prevents any new collection proceedings while protecting assets and providing a financial fresh start.


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If other options won't work, Chapter 7 can free you from credit card dependence and allow the redirection of your income to more important obligations, allowing money for mortgage payments, car expenses and other costs of living. Despite bank-driven rumors about the loss of assets in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding, a properly filed Chapter 7 accomplishes the reverse, preserving assets and protecting what you own.


Chapter 7 exemptions preserve personal assets like homes, cars, bank accounts and personal possessions. These items are protected from creditors in order to facilitate the prompt recovery of families seeking debt relief through a properly prepared and properly conducted Chapter 7 proceeding.


Chapter 7 allows a financial fresh start by protecting assets and eliminating unsecured debt, including:


  • Pending or completed lawsuits
  • Liens, Levies, Garnishments or Attachments on any assets
  • Foreclosure Actions and Deficiency Judgments
  • Tax Levies or Seizures for local, state or federal taxes
  • Telephone Harassment
  • Other Collection Actions


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Full Chapter 7 Relief Through Experienced Means Testing at the Law Offices of Neil Crane


While the new Bankruptcy Code provides automatic relief for individuals and families earning income below the Connecticut State median income numbers for their applicable family size, further relief for higher income individuals is still available through the means testing procedure. Through the knowledge and experience of the means testing Chapter 7 attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, higher income individuals and families can still qualify under the new law for the full range of relief available to lower income petitioners.


The complicated means testing requirements of the new law demands that you seek the best Chapter 7 legal counsel available. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've provided full Chapter 7 relief to thousands of Connecticut residents by successfully navigating and mastering the means testing procedures of the new bankruptcy law. It takes work but it's fully worth the effort.


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