Shelton Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Many Shelton residents with financial troubles find that they are quickly overwhelmed by a myriad of different problems that at times can seem unsolvable. Fortunately, Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief is available to stop all types of collection actions and solve debt problems of every kind. All debt of any kind is subject to elimination or restructure on favorable terms under the protections of Chapter 13 without exception. Chapter 13 stops all foreclosures and debt collection actions of any kind while protecting your assets and restructuring your debt through a Chapter 13 Plan based on your specific problems and overall household income.


Chapter 13 protects all individuals seeking a comprehensive resolution of all of their debt problems through a customized plan for debt elimination, reduction or repayment.

Chapter 13 is the most comprehensive form of federal court protection for individuals and families seeking solutions to a full array of pressing financial problems.

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Assuring Success in the Chapter 13 process

  • Successful plans are crafted in our office by prioritizing your financial resources to important debts and reducing or eliminating unimportant debts through a customized Chapter 13 plan.
  • We know that truly successful Chapter 13 plans happen in the preparation phase long before the bankruptcy filing. Long-lasting solutions require a plan that focuses individual income and resources to the most important obligations with each plan customized to your specific monthly income and expenses.

The key to success under Chapter 13 is the knowledge and commitment of our experienced Chapter 13 attorneys. We know all the powers and intricacies of the Chapter 13 process and how to assure full coverage and success.

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Effective Chapter 13 Plans at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

A Chapter 13 Plan is a detailed court order that controls the treatment of all types of debt. An effective plan must include elimination or reduction of your least important debts and repayment of the most important types of debt, like home mortgages and certain types of taxes. All debts are specifically treated and prioritized within a Plan drafted by our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. We specialize in creating the best plan possible under the differing facts of each household's needs and resources. Properly crafted Chapter 13 Plans are the key to long-term financial success.

In the hands of experienced counsel, the entire Chapter 13 process is predictable and customized to your personal needs, assets, income and expenses. Chapter 13 requires no presence in court. Instead, we will represent you in court, and in a one-time informal meeting is held with one of our experienced team of Chapter 13 attorneys.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we can provide you with all the benefits of a properly crafted and filed Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization. We've been one of the leading providers of Chapter 13 relief since 1983. Contact us by calling 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.