Stamford Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

While government programs have targeted mortgage problems, most Stamford, CT families in financial trouble struggle with a full range of debt issues. Chapter 13 addresses these concerns by providing an all-encompassing and global range of rights to individuals and families in financial trouble. The essential component to precise Chapter 13 relief is our preparation of a Chapter 13 Plan and complete supporting documentation. Chapter 13 can be used to address:


  • Mortgage problems from the first date of default to the final stages of foreclosure
  • Unsecured debt problems from credit card debt to the removal of liens and attachments on paychecks or houses
  • Tax Debt of all types, including income taxes, real estate taxes and payroll taxes.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been one of the largest providers of complete coverage Chapter 13 relief in Fairfield County since 1983.

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Succeeding at the Chapter 13 Process

The key to success under Chapter 13 is the knowledge and commitment of a truly experienced Stamford Chapter 13 attorney who knows all the powers and intricacies of the law and how to utilize them to assure full coverage and the highest level of success.

The basic Chapter 13 steps include:

  • Plan Preparation : This is completed by our attorneys through the evaluation and documentation of a customized formal debt relief plan that addresses the law in full and your case in specific.
  • Chapter 13 Filing. This is the actual court submission of a final disclosure statement showing income and expenses, along with a Chapter 13 Plan addressing all outstanding debt.
  • Court Approval. This is the process of preparing support and documentation to the Chapter 13 system while obtaining court approval or confirmation through a Chapter 13 reorganization order.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve built a strong reputation for knowledge of the law and hard work on behalf of our clients.

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Creating a Successful Chapter 13 Plan

Given all of the full range of the rights and powers provided by Chapter 13, the critical phase is the creation of a successful Chapter 13 Plan. A successful Chapter 13 Plan matches the full range of Chapter 13 powers with the specifics of each individual and family budget.

All Chapter 13 Plans need:

  • Proper prioritization of debt focusing resources on important obligations first and lesser obligations only to the extent still possible.
  • Customization of the Plan of Reorganization to address only the highest priority debt in accordance with the specifics of your individual and family budget.

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