Stopping Tax Liens and Tax Levies in New Britain, CT

Delinquent taxpayers who continually avoid tax revenue collectors can find themselves facing collection actions through liens, levies or seizures. These are extreme measures that can be avoided or reversed for taxpayers who can manage to address their overdue taxes or outstanding returns with the assistance of an experienced tax and legal professional. Professional assistance can prevent:


  • Tax Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Garnishments
  • Tax Seizures
  • Business Closings

Tax collectors and enforcement can reach extreme levels, but you can avoid the loss of assets by properly addressing revenue officers with well-supported solutions and alternatives for preventing or releasing liens, levies or seizures.

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Taxpayers who receive a Notice of Intent to Levy or any form of an actual levy action can still obtain relief automatically or through a negotiated agreement with the applicable tax collection authority.

Automatic Relief can be obtained by filing a bankruptcy petition under any chapter or the filing or submission of a Federal Offer-in-Compromise, or an Installment Agreement. All options require compliance with certain statutory prerequisites; and therefore, any taxpayers facing liens need to promptly seek the assistance of a specialized tax professional or legal counsel.

Negotiated Relief State and Federal revenue officers are often willing to cease all lien and levy actions if they can obtain a solid and properly presented voluntary tax collection alternative.


All tax revenue officers and collectors are government employees seeking to collect payments for the State or Federal government - They are professionals with knowledge, experience and a commitment to solving tax problems. While most taxpayers fear tax collectors, at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our experience and reputation prove that these officers are an asset and an avenue to tax relief and resolutions.

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