Stratford Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy Attorney

For many Stratford,CT residents facing a variety of financial problems, Chapter 13 can provide the full range of relief necessary for a global resolution of all of their financial difficulties. Chapter 13 is the primary method used to resolve home foreclosure and provides an automatic stay on all forms of foreclosures or collection procedures without exception. Chapter 13 protects all assets and controls all forms of debt through elimination or restructuring based on your specific monthly budget. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been one of the leading providers of Chapter 13 relief in Stratford, CT since 1983.


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Chapter 13 Success at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy process that provides relief to individuals facing foreclosure or other forms of collection for any type of debts. It protects personal assets while eliminating certain forms of unsecured debt and allowing for the repayment of more important obligations over a; three-to-five year plan, created by our experienced Chapter 13 attorneys. All repayment plans are based upon the types of debt involved, the value of your assets and your unique monthly income and expenses. This comprehensive coverage and customized plans allows for the proper handling of all forms of debt and an automatic stay on all collection actions.

Basics of the Chapter 13 Process

The critical steps to a successful Chapter 13 case are all taken prior to the submission of any petition or plan for repayment. All Chapter 13 cases need to be based on proper advance preparation.

Initial Evaluation: This consists of a prompt analysis of the key problems and available options based on your financial problems and income resources.

Plan Preparation: The creation of a Chapter 13 Plan for repayment of priority debts with reduction or elimination of other less important debts customized to your debt, income and expenses. This requires the best possible documentation available.

Chapter 13 Filing: This is the process of filing the Chapter 13 petition along with a Plan and documentation supporting the exact terms of the proposed Plan.

Plan Completion: After approval by the court, an order will issue defining the terms of the Plan and controlling how all creditors are treated in the approved Chapter 13 Plan.

Chapter 13 Discharge: After the completion of the payments under the terms of the Plan, or earlier if so desired, a Chapter 13 Discharge enters with extinguishment of all applicable debt.

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