Symptoms Of Business Financial Problems In Bristol

As small businesses in Bristol and throughout Connecticut feel the difficulties of continued economic hardship, many small business owners know the feeling of being the last to be paid, smaller pay, and sometimes no pay at all. This cycle can then lead to problems paying bills at home, personal debt, credit card debt, decreased house equity, pension withdrawals and other more serious financial problems involving potential home loss. These problems are solvable with the prompt assistance of experienced attorneys who know how to address the special problems faced by small businesses.

If you are beginning to notice the financial symptoms of your decreasing small business, contact the Law Offices of Neil Crane to formulate a plan for recovery and a solid financial future.

We are experienced with the unique financial problems of small businesses and have provided proven solutions to small business owners throughout Connecticut since 1983.

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Returning Profitability to Your Business at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Business problems usually begin with small steps as profitability disappears slowly. Revenues begin to diminish and business owners incur additional personal debt in an attempt to save the business through credit burdens they hope to pay off shortly. Unfortunately, higher debt service reduces profits, and debt loads quickly becomes overwhelming. Don’t let high-interest debt to ruin your business - seek experienced counsel from knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we provide a multitude of options to improve your business by reducing debt service outside of bankruptcy, in Chapter 11 small-business bankruptcy and even by filing personal bankruptcy through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Common Symptoms of Business Financial Problems:

  • Decreased Pay
  • Pressing phone calls from creditors
  • Reliance on personal credit lines or your house or pension to put money into your business
  • Increased borrowing from high-interest personal and business credit cards
  • A continuing inability to reduce debt obligations
  • Slow or missed payments, resulting in late fees and excessive charges
  • Increasing time spent dealing with reoccurring creditor calls and problems
  • Slow payments, late charges and missed payments on household bills

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