The Benefits Of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In West Haven

Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy court protection that provides solutions for the elimination, reduction or repayment of all forms of debt for individuals seeking to solve their financial problems. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our Chapter 13 Plans of Reorganization address all forms of debt in order of importance prioritized through a carefully crafted and customized Chapter 13 Plan.


Understanding all the rules and nuances of Chapter 13 gives us the knowledge and experience to craft the best possible Chapter 13 Plans of reorganization for West Haven residents.

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  • Chapter 13 stops foreclosure by providing an immediate automatic stay against any further efforts to foreclose your home.
  • Chapter 13 provides Modification of your mortgage or mortgages. Chapter 13 stops foreclosure and allows you to repay just the loan arrearage over time. Regular monthly payments resume for your next scheduled monthly mortgage payment, and back balances are spread out over a three-to-five year period.

Understanding the Chapter 13 Process

  • The key to our success under Chapter 13 is early customized evaluation of your finances and documented preparation of a Plan of Reorganization that meets your specific needs long before any court filings.
  • Early Analysis and Evaluation: A prompt evaluation of all the facts and circumstances of your case is the first step to creating the solutions that will best fit your specific needs.
  • Crafting the Chapter 13 Plan: Preparing a proper customized Chapter 13 Plan long before any court submission of your case assures the best possible and predictable results.
  • Chapter 13 Court Filing: After full and detailed preparation of your case and the thorough drafting of a customized Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization, the bankruptcy filing creates an immediate automatic stay on foreclosure actions while protecting your assets and providing a three-to-five year debt resolution plan.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lien Removal Attorneys

Mortgages or liens placed on real estate are often subject to removal under the special provisions of Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 allows for the removal or “stripping” of liens through a court motion filed to prove that no equity exists to support the lien position. To the extent a lien or mortgage is uncovered by the true value of the property, it can be removed by a lawsuit prosecuted in your Chapter 13 proceeding. Stripped mortgages or liens are permanently unsecured under the Chapter 13 Plan which could include no payment on the removed lien.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a unique and specialized form of bankruptcy that requires experience and a full working knowledge of the power and true benefits available under Chapter 13. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have properly crafted and completed hundreds of Chapter 13 Plans for our West Haven and New Haven County clients since 1983.

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