Using Mortgage Modification to Save Homes from Foreclosures in Trumbull, CT

By Neil Crane of The Law Offices of Neil Crane LLC posted in Mortgage Modification on Thursday, December 5, 2013.

Trumbull Foreclosure Rates Reach Four Year High in the Second Quarter of 2013

Despite five years of government promises and so-called help for homeowners programs, foreclosure rates in Trumbull reached a four year record high. As a result of failed federal government programs and a lack of meaningful assistance by big banks, foreclosures have continued to result in the loss of hundreds of Trumbull homes since 2008.

Since all foreclosure actions either end in a lost home or a successful mortgage mediation, it is essential for Trumbull residents facing foreclosure to quickly obtain the best possible legal representation. Mortgage mediation and Chapter 13 are the two proven legal protections for saving homes in foreclosure. Homeowners in danger need to seek legal advocacy early in the foreclosure process in order to enhance their chances that experienced and specialized legal counsel can get fully prepared to save your home.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been providing all types of state and federal legal protections on behalf of our hardworking Trumbull clients since 1983. With over 10,000 successful cases, we have the knowledge and experience needed to avoid home loss to foreclosure.

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