Mortgage Servicing For Profit Not For Homeowners

By Neil Crane of The Law Offices of Neil Crane LLC posted in Mortgage Modification on Friday, August 29, 2014.

For many homeowners, the increasing shift from banks to servicing companies appears to be another method for banks to distance themselves even further from their borrowers, customers and loan disasters. Servicers seem to lack the impetus, ability or resources to save your home. They are stock market driven private companies in the business of profiting from troubled borrowers. Much to the detriment of homeowners in trouble, there has been a 500+% boom in the mortgage service business since 2010. It's a private bonanza that shields banks from their self-created mortgage mess while depriving needy mortgage holders from meaningful assistance.

All of which works to the detriment of a now voiceless group of homeowners and an ever-increasing glut of vacant homes all of which creates deteriorating suburban neighborhoods throughout Connecticut.

A few of the biggest mortgage servicers in Connecticut are Ocwen, NationStar, Seterus, GreenTree and Select Portfolio.

If you're in financial trouble or in default on your mortgage with your bank or any servicing company, you need to seek prompt assistance from an experienced professional.

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