Shelton Home Loss Even With 2014

Foreclosure rates in Shelton, CT remained at the past two years’ high levels for the second quarter of 2018 with 29 new foreclosures in the same 90 day period of 2016, 2017, 2018. Shelton continues to be plagued by excessively high foreclosure rates that remain unimproved by the state foreclosure mediation program.

Shelton homeowners lost 14 homes during the second quarter of 2018 – dead even with the number of Shelton homes lost in 2014. Shelton homeowners in foreclosure continue to lose savable homes. Get the help you deserve and stop foreclosure.

Homeowners in foreclosure need to seek immediate legal assistance from specialized foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorneys experienced in all options available for saving homes in Shelton, CT. Self-represented homeowners who choose to rely strictly on mediators are not obtaining the education and options necessary for true success and long-term home ownership. The state foreclosure mediation system has continued to prove itself unfit to meet the needs of Shelton homeowners.

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