The amount of foreclosures in Hartford’s final quarter of 2018 has increased by 30% from the last quarter of the previous year. This number dipped between the final quarters of 2016 and ’17 but it seems to be on the rise yet again. Additionally, 12 more homes have been foreclosed in quarter four than in quarter three of 2018.

Although the median sale prices for homes increased remarkably within the past five years by 51%, financial distress and Hartford foreclosure is still growing. With foreclosures on the rise once again, homeowners facing financial difficulty must get educated and represented.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that homeowners who choose to go it alone and represent themselves or delay any type of action continue to lose because fighting foreclosure takes tenacity, experience, and commitment.

Our decades of experience have taught us:

  • Mediators encourage self-representation and fail to advise Hartford homeowners to seek independent counsel to their interests and save their homes.
  • Mediation without specialized attorneys who work solely on behalf of homeowners is a trap that continues to lose Hartford homes.
  • Mediation delay and self-representation isn’t working to fix savable homes from loss to foreclosure.

Do not go it alone. Do not delay.

With proper legal assistance, all homes can be saved. The banks have their attorneys and the hardworking homeowners of Hartford deserve specialized, expert legal representation too.

The dedicated team of attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane has been saving homes in Hartford and all across Connecticut for over 35 years. We can also provide genuine, effective solutions to other obstacles that may be causing financial distress including overwhelming credit card debt. Call us at (203) 230-2233 or toll free at 1(888) 249-3027 to schedule an absolutely free consultation and get the help you need. One call can solve it all.

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