Although the amount of foreclosures in Meriden’s fourth quarter of 2018 has decreased by 16% since the previous year, 51 homes still fell into the system in the 90-day period. Meriden foreclosure rates remain far too high despite seemingly promising drops between quarters all while the Meriden home sales dropped by 14% over the fourth quarter of 2017. Meriden residents must get educated and obtain specialized legal representation if they want to save their homes.

Homeowners in Meriden who continue to appear without counsel in the Meriden foreclosure court will continue to lose. Bank attorneys do not properly respect self-represented residents in the Meriden foreclosure system. The only answer for Meriden families is to act quickly. Every home is savable with the proper legal representation that fights on your side.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we provide:

  • Representation from attorneys who specialize in foreclosure defense and Chapter 13
  • Prompt, experienced legal representation
  • Immediate, aggressive action on behalf of homeowners
  • Solutions to any other difficulties involving debt including credit card debt relief

Our team at the Law Offices of Neil Crane has been saving homes since 1983 in Meriden and all across Connecticut. Homeowners must take advantage of the committed experience and proven expertise in order to fight foreclosure. We also provide effective, genuine solutions to other obstacles that may be causing financial distress including overwhelming credit card debt.

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