Although the downward trend in Shelton home foreclosures over the past five years seems positive, the number of homes that have been scheduled for foreclosure by sale has actually increased by 29% over that same time period. Despite year-to-year fluctuation, 18 homes have still fallen into foreclosure in Shelton in only 90 days, nine of which have been scheduled for sale, and four have been entirely lost. Shelton homeowners need real, affordable, and successful solutions in order to stop losing their homes.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, located right here in Connecticut, our experience has taught us that any type of postponement in taking action or attempts at self-representation in the foreclosure courts results in lost homes. Delay is absolutely deadly in the foreclosure process and Shelton homeowners deserve proper, experienced legal counsel on their side.

Our qualified, dedicated team of foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane can provide you with the genuine, effective solutions that Shelton foreclosure demands. We have been saving homes in Shelton and all across Connecticut for over 35 years. We also provide solutions to other financial issues that may be causing sleepless nights, including overwhelming credit card debt.

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