At the close of 2018, it became clear that foreclosure numbers in Windsor were high and climbing. In 2014, only 26 homes were scheduled for sale by foreclosure. In 2018, 51 homes were scheduled for sale by foreclosure. This number almost doubled within 5 years. Within the same time period, the number of homes that have been completely lost to foreclosure has remained steadily high. It is necessary for Windsor homeowners to get educated and get represented in order to obtain home retention and protection solutions.

The state court foreclosure mediation program is clearly unsuccessful. Windsor homeowners need to know that:

  • Mediators encourage self-representation and fail to advise homeowners to seek independent counsel for the crucial purpose of saving their family homes
  • Mediation without specialized attorneys who work solely on behalf of homeowners is a trap that continues to lose Windsor homes
  • Mediation delay and self-representation is not working to save homes from being lost to foreclosure that are otherwise savable.

The bank has their own specialized attorneys—you deserve the same. Without legal representation by attorneys whose expertise lies in foreclosure defense and Chapter 13, you are automatically facing an uphill battle. Do not try to go it alone. Do not delay.

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