Common Credit Consolidation Scams

Local Debt Relief Help for Connecticut People

This Great Recession has meant that more hardworking Connecticut people than ever have found themselves struggling with overwhelming debt. A number of out-of-state companies are attempting to capitalize on this reality by offering quick-fix, noncustomized debt relief services that are too simple to be true. The fact is, many fly-by-night companies attempt to take advantage of hardworking citizens through direct deduction and Internet credit consolidation scams. If you are struggling with debt, meet with local professionals whom you can evaluate and interview in person.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our New Haven debt relief professionals have been serving people throughout the state of Connecticut for more than 25 years. We understand the unique problems faced by Connecticut residents and we are committed to helping our neighbors get the effective help that they need and are legally entitled to.

Do Not Trust Your Future to Someone You Cannot Meet With

National credit consolidation companies can be persuasive, but they don't provide true permanent solutions — at best, it's a quick fix. Can a person calling from Florida or Southern California truly solve the full extent of the difficulties you are facing? Do not trust your financial future to a voice on the telephone. Our credit consolidation professionals live and work in Connecticut. We will meet with you, face to face. We understand that hard problems take hard work and will fully explain all of the options available to you so you understand exactly what is happening at all times.

While Large, Out-of-State Companies Are Taking Your Money, Your Creditors May Be Taking Serious Legal Action Against You Here in Connecticut

Many companies that promise to help you with your debt problems will make slow and limited progress on small debts. In the meantime, your creditors may be preparing to take legal action. Many companies continue to take fees as their clients receive endless collection calls and lawsuits here in Connecticut. These companies are a step in the wrong direction, not the required permanent cure. They cannot appear for you or defend you in suits in the courts of Connecticut. When you come to our offices, our lawyers and team of professionals will get to work immediately, stopping creditor harassment and exploring your options for a brighter financial future.

We will never ask for payment upfront. Indeed, we do not expect compensation until we have established a full and comprehensive plan to resolve your issues. A credit counseling service in another state cannot appreciate the serious problems faced by our state's residents. It is important to turn to a local firm that you can meet with in person, interview and trust.

Looking for Debt Relief Services in Connecticut? Call for a Free Consultation.

Do not fall prey to promises that cannot be kept. Rely on local attorneys who are committed to helping the residents of our state get a new start. Contact our Connecticut credit consolidation professionals online or call toll free anytime at 888-249-3027 to schedule a free initial consultation at any of our five Connecticut locations.

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