Debt Relief Court Options

There are a variety of laws that control the enforcement of debt obligations, collection methods, and the state court judicial process.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") is intended to protect consumers from illegal acts by collection agencies seeking to collect on behalf of creditors. The rules are somewhat complicated, but they are enforceable through the State Court located in the county in which you reside. These laws provide for financial awards to consumers who can prove violations of the FDCPA. Collectors often violate these laws but are not often held accountable by consumers who don't know the laws or how to enforce them. If you feel that your rights may have been violated, seek the opinion of an experienced attorney who knows how to stop abusive practices and win awards for you through the state court system.

Don't be afraid to assert your legal rights.

Collection Actions start with the filing of a Complaint in the State of Connecticut Court system in the county in which the borrower resides. These suits can be very scary to the average person, and many people don't respond or answer the Complaint. Failure to respond can have very bad results. The Court collection process is quick and even suits that are entirely incorrect can lead to judgments against you if you don't respond. Very often, collection attorneys win default judgments even if the allegations and amounts are incorrect, simply because borrowers "freeze" and don't respond. These default judgments can result in permanent orders against you within the additional amounts owed for legal fees, costs and continuing interest, even after the Court judgment.

Once a collection matter has gone to judgment, the creditors can levy your bank accounts, attach your pay, or lien your home. This can cause financial problems to become quickly uncontrollable. Don't fail to respond! Lawsuits can be resolved and successfully defended if you take the time to give the matter proper attention and seek immediate legal advice. Judges rule to protect consumer borrowers who properly appear in Court and don't allow creditors to win by default. Even if the debt and the amount are valid, properly represented borrowers are granted liberal payment plans by often sympathetic State Court judges.

A lawsuit is a final warning sign that you need to seek professional help. Don't let a suit against you go unaddressed or ignored. Get experienced help to avoid the dangers that can result from losing Court judgments.

The Federal Court system can also provide answers for families in debt through the bankruptcy protection. These laws favor debtors seeking a financial fresh start. The bankruptcy system can protect your assets and your future source of income, even if creditors have already won State Court judgments against you. These laws have been available for over 100 years, and we know how to use the bankruptcy system to save your home and your pay while providing you with a financial fresh start.

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