Discharging Local, State and Federal Taxes in Bankruptcy

In difficult economic times, delinquent taxes can quickly become major tax problems. People often hide from these problems until they receive liens or levies. All tax problems are made worse as a result of penalties, interest and charges for tax debt due to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Local, state and federal tax authorities need to be addressed on your behalf locally by experienced Connecticut legal counsel.

If you have found yourself avoiding tax obligations for any reason, it is important to realize that you have options for relief. Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and other debt relief options all provide for tax debt relief in some form. In general, overdue taxes that are more than three years old can be discharged or eliminated in bankruptcy, depending on factors unique to your case. In bankruptcy, all types of taxes to federal, state and local taxing authorities are subject to modification and repayment terms. In the hands of an experienced professional, all tax problems are solvable.

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Negotiating or discharging IRS taxes and other tax debts is not a simple task, but a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can guide you through the process efficiently and effectively. If you failed to pay taxes on time, it is critical to retain legal counsel to represent you in negotiations and help you discharge certain taxes and make affordable payments on the remainder of your tax obligations. Our lawyers have counseled and represented individuals and businesses throughout the state in the resolution of IRS tax debt and other taxes.

Debt relief from unsecured bills, through bankruptcy or other means, is an important start to being able to afford current taxes and pay back taxes. Experienced counsel understands that all forms of debt need to be addressed to properly resolve high-priority tax problems. Even if your tax debt cannot be discharged, a bankruptcy filing or a negotiated settlement can always reduce your obligations to a monthly repayment plan that you can afford, while ending costs and penalties and drastically reducing interest.

In general, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has authority over the IRS, and it can order terms more favorable to you, but tax collection actions are not problems that you want to take on alone.

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