Making Credit Work for You

Dedicated Help for Families Whose Credit Becomes Debt

Many people tend to confuse credit and debt as two separate, unrelated issues. This could not be further from the truth. The unrestricted, preapproved granting of "credit" creates insurmountable debt. The best way to think of these two things is that credit reflects your ability to borrow. Debt is what happens when you borrow too much. For too many people, credit becomes the path to debt. The "credit industry" thrives on the harsh, unreasonable interest rates that are instituted when people fall into debt. However, there are proper ways of making credit work for you, and you need to learn them as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our New Haven debt relief professionals provide experienced credit counseling to people throughout Connecticut. We can help you tackle your debt problems head on and give you the tools necessary to build and maintain good credit and avoid future debt problems.

Real-World Solutions for the 99 Percent: Debt Reduction Is the Key to Good Credit

There are various key steps to making credit work for you and your family. The first step is to understand the dangers of debt — the flip side of credit. Lending institutions and credit card companies want you to confuse credit and debt as they make immense profits on your debt at hugely unregulated high interest rates. You need to be frightfully aware that they advertise and view credit strictly as a means to entice you into debt, and the continuing, endless monthly payments they receive on your debt. Lenders make no profit off of credit — they make fortunes off of debt. Your so-called credit becomes your debt, and their fortunes.

A lot of people assume that having a good credit score acts as a true measure of a person. While credit scores certainly have their place, they are only a small piece of your overall financial picture. True credit and financial health require low borrowing and solid financial planning with a sound debt-to-interest ratio. Debt reduction through a well-analyzed and implemented plan with committed professional assistance is the essential first step to long-term financial health and true "good credit."

Our lawyers can help you figure out a debt relief plan that can help with credit consolidation and debt consolidation. Once an action plan is in place, we can help with rebuilding credit as a tool to future financial health. Consumer protection laws are designed to serve you. We have been helping residents throughout Connecticut get the financial relief they need for more than 25 years. It is time to stop working for your credit card company and start making credit work for you.

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