Stopping Creditor Harassment

Put an End to Harassment by Collection Agencies

Opportunities for success and the stress of overwhelming debt are only made worse when you have creditors hounding you at every opportunity. The very thought of opening your mail or picking up the phone can become unmanageable and often paralyzes people into a state of prolonged inaction. You may feel that you have nowhere else to turn to. The good news is there are legal protections available that can stop creditor harassment and help you get the relief and knowledge to gain a new financial start in life.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we understand the need to stop all collection calls, harassment and legal processes in order to clear all the financial distractions that prevent a true, well-developed and properly implemented plan for your personal success. At our office, all contacts are handled directly by trained professionals and never by voice mail or recordings. We take the time and effort to handle creditors in a manner that immediately allows our clients to enjoy prompt and permanent relief from collection agencies and creditor harassment.

Our Connecticut debt relief professionals know how to put a stop to creditors and bill collectors. We have been helping people throughout the state of Connecticut get help with their debt for more than 25 years. Unlike nationally based companies, we have a unique insight into the issues faced by households in our state and are dedicated to providing effective help to our local communities and our neighbors.

Seek Protection Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that is designed to protect consumers from aggressive collection tactics. The FDCPA and other laws are tough restrictions that prevent harassment over the phone, or at work. These laws strictly limit or prevent contact with third parties like family members or neighbors, while also prohibiting improper threats. Violations of these laws can have severe consequences for creditors and may entitle you to compensation and the payment of attorney's fees.

Creditors Will Not Stop Until You Show Them You Are Serious

Creditors tend to violate the law because few people ever complain about their tactics. People with debt often are made to feel that they have no rights or protections. The fact is, creditors often violate the law, even though there are numerous federal and state consumer laws designed to protect you, and you are entitled to use their advantage for relief or compensation for illegal violations.

You should take notes and keep track of all aggressive and harassing tactics made by bill collectors. Then, get in touch with our Connecticut debt relief lawyers to discuss your options. Our professionals know how to negotiate with creditors and put an end to their overwhelming collections and legal actions efficiently and effectively.

We Work Hard to Protect Connecticut Residents Under Federal and State Law

FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This is a federal law that protects consumers by strictly regulating third-party collectors and collection agencies to prevent harassment and unauthorized contact with neighbors, friends, relatives or your employer.

Telecommunication Act

This is a federal law that protects consumers from automated collection calls or "auto dialers" and limits cellphone contact without your authorization. Penalties for violations may be granted up to $500 per call.

CUTPA Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act

This is a state law that provides remedies for individuals who have been the victims of unfair or deceptive practices.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

This law provides standards for credit reporting agencies like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to ensure accurate credit reporting and affirmative actions to remediate and correct improper credit entries.

These laws were enacted for your protection and you should seek our knowledge in using them for your protection from creditor harassment and telephone calls, and improper credit reporting.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Connecticut Debt Relief Professional

We have helped thousands of Connecticut families put an end to aggressive bill collection actions. We are ready to help you find a plan to suit your needs. Contact our Connecticut creditor harassment professionals online or call toll free anytime at 888-249-3027 to schedule a free initial consultation at any of our five Connecticut locations.

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