Why Choose Us for Debt Relief?

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we offer an attorney-driven debt relief program that has provided solutions for thousands of Connecticut residents since 1983. With six attorneys and a combined experience of over 100 years, our dedicated professionals know what has worked in the past and the current status of the most recent developments in consumer debt protection, including the Credit Reform Act of 2009. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you and your family. We've done it for thousands of families and it will work for you, too.

We employ a program of careful and complete analysis with industry-best preparedness and persistent advocacy on behalf of our thousands of Connecticut success stories. Your creditors will immediately respond with a new and negotiable attitude from the first moment we become involved on your behalf. We use our experience to create a customized program based on Analysis, Preparation and Advocacy.

  • ANALYSIS: Obtaining the best results requires the experience and dedication to properly analyze a client's budget and debt relief needs. We offer all clients an unlimited initial consultation with an experienced attorney at no charge. This will produce a proper and proven game plan, customized to your income and debt relief needs.
  • PREPARATION: We combine our knowledge of the law along with our experience to properly prepare to do battle on your behalf. We know that creating a properly prepared plan is the key to forcing creditors to negotiate a debt relief plan that will really work for you. Taking control away from creditors and empowering you as a borrower is critical to your long-term success. We don't wait for their solutions, but instead create solutions and back them with the facts, figures, evidence and documentation to support and the correctness of our customized debt relief plan.
  • ADVOCACY: Once we've properly evaluated, authorized and prepared the proper plan for your success, we use our knowledge and experience to strongly advocate for a debt solution that works permanently for you. In over 10,000 cases, we've built a reputation for thoroughness and endless persistence on behalf of our clients.

Creditors, debt collectors and their attorneys know and respect our work. These hard-earned long-term relationships put our reputation to work for you. No creditor can match our persistence, our endless commitment to our clients and our debt relief solutions.

Meet with us! We're experienced, we're local, and we're committed to your success. It takes only a phone call or a meeting to understand immediately why we've been so successful for so many Connecticut clients.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.